• The submitted abstracts will be evaluated as oral and poster presentations.
• Abstracts will be accepted only through the internet site. Please use the abstract submitting form which is on the website. You can find the abstract sample as a Word file on the Congress website. The manuscripts have to be prepared in the light of this sample.
• Abstract should be written in English or Turkish according to the limits of the abstract submitting form. The abstract must consist of at least 150 to 250 words.
• The fullnames of the authors must be clearly mentioned. The author’s name that will realize the oral presentation should be underlined.
• Clearly indicate the authors' affiliation information on the abstracts and indicate the author’s information wholly and completely in the submitting form on the web system. The e-mail address, affiliation address and other contact information of the authors (whose names are written on the conference papers or on posters) should be completely presented. All announcements about the congress will be done through our website. The information presented in the submitting form must be complete and correct.
• Abstract titles should be written in capital letters. Ensure that they are in a font size 12. The conference papers should entirely be written in TIMES NEW ROMAN font.
• Posters should be printed in the format 50x70 cm and should involve abstract, introduction, aim, scope, method, findings and conclusion parts. Under the title of paper on top of all posters, authors' names, surnames and institutional information should be listed sequentially.
• Accepted and presented papers and posters will be announced on the Congress web site after the congress and they will be published in an abstract book. All the participants must present their posters and papers.
• The participants can present their conference paper or poster “in ENGLISH” or “in TURKISH”. The works prepared in the chosen language must be loaded in the website and must be waited for the referee evaluation process. The participants will present their proposals as presentation or poster according to the result of the referee evaluation process. If the result of the referee evaluation process is negative, the papers will be DENIED. The denied papers will not take part in the congress. In this case the participarts and the authors could not claim and apply sanctions to our congress. These rights belong unilaterally to our congress.